OMD it’s a rather awesome nail art challange: PINK!

Okay! Today starts  ”Oh Mon Dieu, it’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway!”

Hosted by the rather awesome lovely ladies Eeeek! Nail Polish! , Craftynail and Brijit’s Digits

I’ll try to do as many as possible! But the greatest  thing about this is the inspiration and to have fun! More info about the challange on the blogs linked above.

Today June 1st and PINK it first on the list! 😀

DSC01881 DSC01889

This is a super sweet pink I got from my mom a couple a days ago. Isa Dora ”Brilliant Lily” has a strong pearly finish, and in some angles it looks almost like mirrors, reflecting almost everything. Very interresting!

Added some vacation nail art to it 🙂


DSC01923 DSC01925

This is what I bought at Ullared the day before yesterday! When I saw they had China Glaze this year I was so excited I would probably have jumped around if it wasn’t so crowded in there.

China Glaze from left: Liquid Leather, Evening Seduction, Fifth Avenue, Mimosa’s before Manis, Innocence, Dandy Lyin’ Around.

Kubiss from left: Ridge Filler, no. 81, no. 82, no. 83 and Denim Effect

Below pic there’s some other stuff I brought with me from the store. A lot of dip-in removers, body butter, glass files, buffers, liquid eyeliner and some other crap that didn’t fit into the image 😀 Happy!

And this Wednesday it’s time again for Ullared. We always go there two times in the summer, just because it’s FUN!




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