OMD: Ruffian!

ruffian nail art


OMD Day 16: This is my first attemt on a ruffian maniure! I always thought ruffian manis look so elegant and now I finally tried it out myself. Maybe it’s a bit much with the leopard prints.. I actually thought it looked very nice without it but I forgot to photograph it before I added the animal print, boho. Then I painted under the nails! So cool! I don’t know why I don’t paint under the nails more often! It makes the look complete in a way!

ruffian manicureruffian nailsstilletto nail art

4 reaktioner på ”OMD: Ruffian!

  1. Ohh I just love all your nail art. Is amazing job what you do. I am so happy I discovered your blog. Thanks for following and I followed back for sure. Kisses :* Romina

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