OMD: Gradient! With palms of course

gradientgradient nail art

OMD Day 17: GRADIENT! I love gradients! For this design I painted my nails yellow. Then i chose four more colors and made a different color gradient on each nail. Well, the gradients didn’t come out flaweless as you can see in the top picture, so I decided to add my favoirite nail art design. Palm trees! I can’t get enough of palm tree nail art!

Colors used: Yellow ”Isa Dora – Mellow Yellow”, Blue ”Isa Dora – Miami Blue”, Purple ”Isa Dora – Bella Vita”, Green ”Isa Dora – Marzipan”, Peach ”China Glaze – Mimosa’s Before Mani’s”

From time to time I get the question of what brush I use for my palm trees. The reason why it’s hard to give a qiuck answer that question is because I always cut my brushes. So here’s my brush. The name of it is Artist’s Water Colour Sable – Rigger size 1 by Winstor & Newton, England. It’s pure kolinsky and the hair is about 16 millimeters long. As you see I have cut it quite much! Never cut the lenght of the brush, then you’ll lose the pointy tip of the brush. But I cut away almost 80 percent of the thickness of the brush. I bougth it in an artist’s shop in Stockholm for about 80 sek (12 usd). I use this brush for palms and zebra stripes. This is my most precious brush and the palms almost paints themselves!

nail art brush striping brush gradient nails nail art palm trees

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