Hello my dear readers! Blog is moving! Follow along to my brand new homepage!!


I am very happy and excited to announce that seizethenail.com is up!! My husband and I have been working on it for a few days and now everything is set! ALL my blog posts are already there along with all your likes and comments!


Check out my photographing tips and nail care page and a new tutorial page! And there are links to my Instagram and to my tumblr.

Go to seizethenail.com and subscribe with e-mail or follow with bloglovin or with your wordpress account!

Be sure not to miss anything I post! This account will be passive and ALL MY NEW BLOG POSTS WILL BE POSTED ON seizethenail.com


The other thing I’m very excited to announce is the launch of my Etsy shop! Visit SeizeTheNail on Etsy and right now there is only ONE item available for sale!

A full set of false nails with a matching cabochon ring! It’s the Lion King design, which is one of my most popular designs 😀

I will soon paint more falsies and rings with my favoite nail art designs and list for sale! 😀 Maybe some palm tree designs? You guys know how much I love palm tree designs!!








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