OMD: Delicate! Leopard Lacquer ”King Crab”


strawberries nail art

OMD: DELICATE! Well, my English is quite poor but I just realized that the word ”delicate” can mean different things. Obviously the first thing I thought about was something delicious and yummy and juicy… like strawberries!! This polish it Leopard Lacquer ”King Crab”. Isn’t it delicious!!? It’s a vibrant deep red jelly filled with small black hexagons, bigger red hexagons and huge red squares. I LOVE the red squares!! And the black glitter really makes the polish look like yummy, jelly, juicy, ripe, mellow strawberries! This is tree coats, no undies. I love this look!


leopard lacquer king crab strawberry nail art delicate nail art


OMD: Ruffian!

ruffian nail art


OMD Day 16: This is my first attemt on a ruffian maniure! I always thought ruffian manis look so elegant and now I finally tried it out myself. Maybe it’s a bit much with the leopard prints.. I actually thought it looked very nice without it but I forgot to photograph it before I added the animal print, boho. Then I painted under the nails! So cool! I don’t know why I don’t paint under the nails more often! It makes the look complete in a way!

ruffian manicureruffian nailsstilletto nail art


china glaze innocenceinnocence

This is China Glaze ”Innocence” from the Crème Coture Collection. It’s a sweet jelly-like pink/nude. When I use two coats I find it great for a french manicure.  But in these pictures I used tree coats. As you see it doesn’t give full coverage, but it has a smooth and soft surface.

OMD Day 15: HEARTS! Here’s a LOOOOVE-manicure to represent tosays theme. Xoxo ❤


hearts nail artlove manicure

OMD: Floral! Leopard Lacquer Starfish

mimosa's before mani's

This is China Glaze ”Mimosa’s Before Mani’s” from the spring 2013 collection Avant Garden. It’s an orangy peach with gold shimmer. Lovely spring/summer color.

OMD Day 14: Flowers! Another accent nail to represent today’s theme in the OMD challange! I don’t do much flower design nails nowadays, but when I do it’s always roses. I like doing roses and the variety of looks coming with them. They can look quite real, or vintage, or doodle like this.

And today I give you Leopard Lacquer ”Starfish”, which is a soft pink tinted base filled with silver shimmer, orange hexagons and silver stars! I put two coats of Starfish on top of Mimosa’s Before Mani’s.

flowerstarfish leopard lacquerfloral nail art

OMD: Stars! Leopard Lacquer Raspberry Ice

china glaze fifth avenue

This is the lovely China Glaze ”Fifth Avenue” from the Crème Coture Collection. It’s a dusty vintage deep creme pink, I love it so much! Two coats on the pictures.


fifth avenue raspberry ice

On top of Fifth Avenue I put two coats of Leopard Lacquer ”Raspberry Ice”. It’s a slightly pink tinted base filled with silver shimmer, rose glitter and big flakes. Isn’t it gorgeous!? I love the luxurious look with the big flakies in it!

OMD Day 13: STARS! Finally I get to use my cute metal star studs! They’ve been lying around forever and they fit great for this gorgeous look!

leopard lacquer stars studs

OMD: Dots! Leopard Lacquer Ocean Breeze


OMD Day 12: DOTS! So I’m not really a dot-person. Polka dots can look cute, but often I find dots quite boring. So I choose to swatch Leopard Lacquer ”Ocean Breeze” witch a dotted accent nail! Ocean Breeze it a blue jelly filled with lots and lots of blue small glitters and big flakes! Love the big flakes!! They make it look so luxurious! The first two pictures are two coats of Ocean Breeze over a blue polish.  The last picture (thumb nail) is with three coats of Ocean Breeze and no undies! So it can be built up on its own with tree coats! Very beautiful polish!

leopard lacquerocean breeze

OMD: Stripes!

loreal nai polish

This lovely polish is L’Oreal ”Mysterious Icon”. I think it’s strange and cool! It’s a grey/violet-ish base loaded with gold shimmer. It’s absolutely stunning up-close as you can see in the macro picture below.

loreal loreal nail art

OMD: STRIPES! So I used the pretty Mysterious Icon for todays challange. I love stripes! I love love love stripes! All kind of stripes, zebra stripes, big stripes, narrow straight stripes. I love them because I actually find it quite difficult to make them perfect. And I love this look because it looks simple yet elegant. Stripe colors are: gold – China Glaze Angel Wings, orange – OPI A Womans Prague-Ative, red – OPI My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours

stripes nail art stripes