china glaze innocenceinnocence

This is China Glaze ”Innocence” from the Crème Coture Collection. It’s a sweet jelly-like pink/nude. When I use two coats I find it great for a french manicure.  But in these pictures I used tree coats. As you see it doesn’t give full coverage, but it has a smooth and soft surface.

OMD Day 15: HEARTS! Here’s a LOOOOVE-manicure to represent tosays theme. Xoxo ❤


hearts nail artlove manicure


OMD: Stars! Leopard Lacquer Raspberry Ice

china glaze fifth avenue

This is the lovely China Glaze ”Fifth Avenue” from the Crème Coture Collection. It’s a dusty vintage deep creme pink, I love it so much! Two coats on the pictures.


fifth avenue raspberry ice

On top of Fifth Avenue I put two coats of Leopard Lacquer ”Raspberry Ice”. It’s a slightly pink tinted base filled with silver shimmer, rose glitter and big flakes. Isn’t it gorgeous!? I love the luxurious look with the big flakies in it!

OMD Day 13: STARS! Finally I get to use my cute metal star studs! They’ve been lying around forever and they fit great for this gorgeous look!

leopard lacquer stars studs

OMD: Stripes!

loreal nai polish

This lovely polish is L’Oreal ”Mysterious Icon”. I think it’s strange and cool! It’s a grey/violet-ish base loaded with gold shimmer. It’s absolutely stunning up-close as you can see in the macro picture below.

loreal loreal nail art

OMD: STRIPES! So I used the pretty Mysterious Icon for todays challange. I love stripes! I love love love stripes! All kind of stripes, zebra stripes, big stripes, narrow straight stripes. I love them because I actually find it quite difficult to make them perfect. And I love this look because it looks simple yet elegant. Stripe colors are: gold – China Glaze Angel Wings, orange – OPI A Womans Prague-Ative, red – OPI My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours

stripes nail art stripes

OMD: Metallic!

china glaze deviantly daring

OMD Day 10: METALLIC! I don’t have very many metallic lacquers. Really. It’s China Glaze ”Deviantly Daring” and Revlon ”Silver Dollar” (but I’m not even sure that one is metallic, lol), and that’s it! I think. And I adore both of them!! The dark red one is an old strange named polish called Collection 2000 no. 143.  I like how the red goes with the green.

And here comes a few how-to pics! First I painted with green metallic and dark red. A bit sloppy, just like that! Haha, nail art, yeah! Then I taped the nails, using just regular tape. And paintd with silver and removed the tape. Neat!


metallictape manideviantly daring metallic nail art

nail polish

Today I received a package containing this! The Day At The Beach collection by Leopard Lacquer  Essie – Grow Stronger, Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, two face masks, remover pads and a nail file. I’m overwhelmed by happiness!! Finally I got my hands on the Burt’s Bees, which is absolutely impossible to get in Sweden, not even through Ebay! This is a prize from winning Leopard Laqcuer’s nail art contest on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.


leopar lacquer

The Day At The Beach Collection from left: Ocean Breeze, King Crab, Starfish, Beach Party, Raspberry Ice


day at the beach

Some black and white!


Äntligen hemma i Stockholm igen! Mitt internet kroknade de sista dagarna på semesterresan, vilket var väldigt irriterade. Så här kommer lite av en catch up!

Dag 3: LILA! Denna fina djupa lila är China Glaze – Fancy Pants. Det är en blålila med massa rosa skimmer. Den va sjukt lätt att applicera! Antingen är jag typ apgrym på att lägga nagellack eller så är det här lacket the bomb, för på bilden har jag inte gjort rent runt naglarna, utan nagellacket blev bara perfekt! Jag hoppas ni fattar att jag menar att nagellacket är grymt på att applicera sig själv, inte jag!

EnglishFinally back home in Stockholm again! My internet broke down a few days before returning home, which was very annoying. So here’s a bit of a catch up!

Day 3: PURPLE! This lovely deep purple is China Glaze – Fancy Pants. It’s a blueish purple with lots of pink shimmer. Very easy to apply! This is no cleanup at all, the polish just found it’s place on the nail.


Dag 4: Black & White! Det vita är China Glaze – Dandy Lyin’ Around. Det är en mjölkig vit med massa subtilt vitt skimmer. Inte lätt att applicera. Nagellacket flöt inte ut jämt, och trots att jag städat runt naglarna med aceton och en pensel så ligger det skimmer i nagelbanden. Den är himla fin med sitt skimmer, men jag behövde fyra lager för att det skulle se jämt och täckande ut. Det svarta är China Glaze – Liquid Leather, och jag har längtat efter det här svarta nagellacket! Så många tycker att Liquid Leather är det bästa svarta nagellacket och jag har då inte testat något jag tycker är bättre. Flyter ut helt jämt och blir superglansigt! Jättesvart efter två lager!

EnglishDay 4: Black & White! This white is China Glaze – Dandy Lyin’ Around. It is a milky white with a lot of subtle white shimmer. Not easy to apply. The nail polish did not flow evenly, and even though I cleaned up around the nails with acetone and a brush it’s still shimmer in the cuticles. It is amazingly beautiful with its shimmer, but I needed four layers for it would look even and opaque. The black is China Glaze – Liquid Leather, and I have longed for this black nail polish! Many think that Liquid Leather is the best black nail polish, and sure, I haven’t tried anything better yet. Flows evenly on the nail and gets super shiny! Very black after two coats!


My current pedicure. Some nautical nail art.


OMD it’s a rather awesome nail art challange: PINK!

Okay! Today starts  ”Oh Mon Dieu, it’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway!”

Hosted by the rather awesome lovely ladies Eeeek! Nail Polish! , Craftynail and Brijit’s Digits

I’ll try to do as many as possible! But the greatest  thing about this is the inspiration and to have fun! More info about the challange on the blogs linked above.

Today June 1st and PINK it first on the list! 😀

DSC01881 DSC01889

This is a super sweet pink I got from my mom a couple a days ago. Isa Dora ”Brilliant Lily” has a strong pearly finish, and in some angles it looks almost like mirrors, reflecting almost everything. Very interresting!

Added some vacation nail art to it 🙂


DSC01923 DSC01925

This is what I bought at Ullared the day before yesterday! When I saw they had China Glaze this year I was so excited I would probably have jumped around if it wasn’t so crowded in there.

China Glaze from left: Liquid Leather, Evening Seduction, Fifth Avenue, Mimosa’s before Manis, Innocence, Dandy Lyin’ Around.

Kubiss from left: Ridge Filler, no. 81, no. 82, no. 83 and Denim Effect

Below pic there’s some other stuff I brought with me from the store. A lot of dip-in removers, body butter, glass files, buffers, liquid eyeliner and some other crap that didn’t fit into the image 😀 Happy!

And this Wednesday it’s time again for Ullared. We always go there two times in the summer, just because it’s FUN!



Angry Birds nail polish with dotticure

angry birds lumene

Denna rosa är Angry Birds nr. 51 från Lumene. En ljusrosa med subtilt vitt skimmer och en pärlemor-finish. Jag gillar egentligen inte den där pärlfinishen.. Men men. Gjorde en nice glittergradient med China Glaze – Glistenings Snow. Mmm, den glittrar så fint! Sen gjorde jag lite söta vita prickar. Gulligt gulligt!

English:  This pink is Angry Birds no. 51 by Lumene. A light pink with subtle white shimmer and a pearly finish. I don’t really like the pearl finish tho.. Well well. Did a nice glittergradient with China Glaze – Glistenings Snow. I love the sparkle from it!! Then I did small cute white dots. Supercute!

angry birds nail polish